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February 15

In view of the changing recruitment marketplace, instincts and assumptions are no longer acceptable when making recommendations. Therefore, research is conducted to provide useful information as a foundation for strategy formulation and decision-making. We make certain that the information we provide, the advice we give, and the recommendations we execute are quantified and qualified with the research data needed to back it up. Achieving this can be done in a number of ways, one of the most straightforward and cost-effective methods being the development and execution of an online survey. Online surveys are a very popular method of research, mainly due to their inherent capacity for quantifiable results, which can be counted, added, analyzed statistically, etc. The fact that they are incredibly accurate while being both time-efficient and less expensive than most other primary research offerings does not hurt, either.

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TMP Worldwide can design, host, and report on the findings of an online survey for your employees or external respondents to complete. The survey questions are designed to capture the proper data related to making the necessary business decisions with confidence, whether it is the development of a media plan or a greater understanding of employee motivations. In any case, the flexibility and accuracy of TMP Worldwide's online survey offerings make the often-unreachable potential for primary research an affordable reality.

While customized options are available (and encouraged!), TMP Worldwide does offer several standard online survey packages with many of the most popular components and question types in place. There are many options available within our online survey offerings, as well as options for offline surveys, invitation management/tracking, annual hosting, and custom questionnaires.

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