The Evolving Technology Of Social Networks and Applications - Part 2

February 15

Usually there is no better way to endorse a concept than to put that idea into practice yourself. And that adage holds true in this case. We often extol the benefits of social networking and employee referral program (ERP) promotion in today's recruitment space. Here's an example that illustrates their value.

Deirdre Mammano

Not too long ago, we began our search for an Digital Strategist. At the same time, Deirdre Mammano, who had the necessary experience, started her job search in earnest. Deirdre's first approach was to search job boards with the keywords "Digital Strategy," which returned very few results. Then, she tried a niche site, which uses a slightly more sophisticated algorithm than most job boards, and found a comprehensive list of available jobs - including our posting. She quickly applied for the position and was contacted by our Human Resources department for an interview.

Our Digital position was also posted on LinkedIn, and a colleague of Deirdre's forwarded it to her and said, "You should apply for this!"

Deirdre's colleague received this job post because he was 'LinkedIn' to me, and told Deirdre that TMP was a great place to work. Prior to the interview, Deirdre 'LinkedIn' to me and realized that we had common connections - something that was definitely worth talking about in the meeting. She interviewed well and accepted the offer one week later.

Even though Deirdre already had the interview scheduled, the networking she did through LinkedIn proved very helpful. It cultivated the relationship - she found common contacts and speaking points for our meeting, which was impressive.

Deirdre's fast start only improved from the onset. She took advantage of our employee referral program just one month after starting. She also referred a friend for a web usability design position, and after her referral was hired, she received a referral bonus. Due to her referral, Deirdre qualified for our quarterly ERP drawing for an additional $2,500 prize - which she won!

Actively engaging your employees with a strong ERP program and encouraging social networking are two ways that you can help differentiate yourself from competitors in the war for top talent.

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