TMP Worldwide Launches WORK WITH ME <sup>&trade;</sup>, an Employee Referral Application Using Facebook <sup>&reg;</sup> Platform

February 15

Last week TMP released WORK WITH ME, an employee referral and job broadcasting application built on Facebook Platform. Harnessing Facebook's social graph, TMP's WORK WITH ME application will enable companies to engage their employees to recruit their friends by allowing employees to easily display relevant open positions on their Facebook profiles.

Facebook is a social utility that offers an efficient way for people to stay connected with their friends and the people around them. "One of TMP's goals is to help our clients embrace and implement innovative, digital strategies," stated Michelle Abbey, President and CEO of TMP Worldwide. "WORK WITH ME is an excellent example of how we do this."

After adding the employer specific application to their Facebook profiles, employees will be able to self-select which jobs will be displayed by job category, enabling their friends to view job details and seamlessly apply to positions of interest directly through WORK WITH ME. Employees and corporate recruiters can view real-time click-through metrics to evaluate progress, in addition to receiving candidate referral information that aids in facilitating traditional Employee Referral Programs. A dedicated portion of the application is reserved for custom client branding, providing a great opportunity for employers to broadcast their branding message to a highly attractive demographic. WORK WITH ME can be integrated with existing ATS systems and other electronic job sources.

Courtney Hub, Vice President, Digital Strategy for TMP Worldwide said, "WORK WITH ME is yet another solution that is a testament to TMP's commitment to help clients harness the burgeoning arena of digital social media. As part of an integrated recruitment strategy, WORK WITH ME is a fantastic way for clients to reach the most qualified, and oftentimes passive, candidate pool in a measurable way."

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