The Evolving Technology Of Social Networks and Applications - Part 1

February 15

TMP recently launched Work with Me, a new employee referral and job broadcasting application that gives employers the ability to push their jobs to their employees' networks on Facebook.

Work with Me presents a unique way to tap into the power of the fastest growing social networking site that is more immersive than banner advertising. The employee simply needs to download the company branded application from Facebook, and Work with Me becomes part of their profile. The employee's network can then view opportunities, learn more about the company, and take action to apply, all within the context of Facebook.

What's exciting about Work with Me is that it's just the beginning in regards to what can be done with the applications - also known as widgets, gadgets, gadverts and other words - that have only recently become part of our recruitment repertoire. TMP was able to create Work with Me because Facebook operates on an open platform that allows anyone to create an application for others to use, which means the possibilities are endless.

Facebook isn't the only site offering this opportunity. Google is currently developing OpenSocial, which will provide a common set of APIs (application program interfaces) across multiple websites. In English for the rest of us, this means that developers, including TMP, can create an application that will work with any of the social websites that have adapted these APIs. Sites such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster and others plan to implement OpenSocial, opening the doors for Work with Me and similar solutions.

These social applications present a phenomenal opportunity for employers to expand their reach and engage the passive candidate audience. Our online recruitment strategies are rapidly evolving, and there is no question that we will continue to see increased use of these types of tactics as employers, out of necessity, become more creative in how they attract talent.

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