Job Board Template - Carrying Your Brand through Job Postings

February 15

It used to be that Internet job postings on the major boards all looked the same - standard, straightforward, text-based job descriptions with little to separate one from another. In recent years, it has become very common for companies to carry their brand throughout everything they do - including individual job postings. With TMP Worldwide's creative services, you can ensure that your advertisement stands out from the crowd and has a consistent look and feel.

TMP can work with all of the major job boards to carry your creative directly to the job seekers at first visit.

What Design to Use?

TMP can help in designing your template using your existing campaign, or create a new design for a specific purpose. Whether you utilize existing graphics and design or need creative ideas, TMP will walk you through the process and work with the job boards to make it happen. In addition, TMP will work with you to ensure that all appropriate links, apply processes and tracking are in place to ensure that your postings not only look like you want them to look, but direct people where you need them.

Talk Directly To Your Candidates

Many job boards allow multiple templates, meaning you can tweak your creative (design and copy) to talk to your specific audience. Realistically, your target candidates vary per position, and the messaging needs to do the same.

A comparative example of a standard online job posting and a posting using TMP's Job Board template.

What's Next?

Adding creative to your job posting doesn't need to stop at a simple template. TMP can assist in creating/adding video, Flash animation, audio, tools & widgets - even make each posting into a mini-website where a candidate can grab all information within a matter of clicks. TMP's full service creative and development department can create a solution to meet your needs, and your budget.

Make Your First Impression Stand Out

Active job seekers know and utilize the major job boards. As seekers view multiple job openings per sitting, be sure yours is the one they remember.

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