Global Digital Vision Summit Brings Key TMP Customers Together

February 15

On March 10th, at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, TMP Worldwide hosted 17 of its key customers for a full day of discussion on global staffing issues.

HP, Microsoft, Deloitte, Intel, IBM and others shared their experiences related to the development of global career sites, hiring challenges in emerging markets and next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Included in the Summit were TMP employees from San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London and Hong Kong offices.

The day started with a presentation by TMP's regional experts on three key emerging markets: China, India and Eastern Europe. The focus then turned to global websites, and TMP presented a global best practices scorecard and solicited discussion about site localization and content management.

Lively discussion continued with individual accounts of their global rollouts of Applicant Tracking Systems. TMP sponsored a follow-up survey among participants on the use of prescreening tools.

The afternoon discussion turned to next-generation topics: CRM as a tool for high-volume recruiters to convert leads to candidates; artificial intelligence for screening CVs; the true "cost per hire" to senior management and a futuristic look at HR.

Summit materials and discussion transcripts were posted on a special Summit site and those who attended continue to network.

A second Summit will be held this summer, sponsored by TMP London. Key European and US customers will have the opportunity to help build the agenda and, once again, share best practices.

For more information on the upcoming Summit, contact Joe Howell, VP Global Relationship Manager, at

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