Simply Hired Now Available through TMP Worldwide’s “JobVIPeR”

February 15

Integration is the first between the largest job search engine and the largest independent recruitment advertising and communications agency

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - October 22, 2007 - Simply Hired ( today announced their integration into TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications' Job VIPeR ( job distribution tool. The announcement marks the first of several phases of web services that Simply Hired will be offering to clients of TMP in the coming months.

"Simply Hired is excited to be working with TMP to offer solutions which help employers reach the largest number of well-qualified candidates throughout the Simply Hired Network," stated David Fenn, Vice President of Business Development at Simply Hired. "The response so far from TMP clients has been a great confirmation of the need for additional resources to find the ideal employee in an efficient manner with a simple process like the one offered through Simply Hired and Job VIPeR."

Simply Hired's new web service will allow TMP customers who use the JobVIPeR job posting service to select Simply Hired from among the choices of job boards and other resources and have their positions quickly included into the Simply Hired organic database. Simply Hired currently operates the largest aggregation of jobs on the Internet, with more than 6 million current listings.

"The addition of Simply Hired as a direct posting option in Job VIPeR adds to the reach of our system," stated Christopher Homberg, Product Manager for TMP Worldwide. "As we move forward, the ability to offer our clients unique and diverse sourcing solutions is a top priority."

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