February 15

Job Distribution, Tracking and Beyond

It used to be that managing job posting packages and media was an easy task. Pick your favorite job board, post and wait for the applications to roll in. Today, the job board options have grown and the management has become complicated. JobVIPeR, TMP's job distribution tool, combines the technology of sending jobs to job boards and tracking results with the service and media expertise of TMP Worldwide.

What Does Job VIPeR Do?

JobVIPeR does more than send your job. It allows you to manage your job board inventory, set up your favorite "bundles" of sites, split packages among users, and match your company hierarchy. TMP's help desk manages all transmission and alerts you if there is an error. And best of all, TMP's Account Service and Media Strategy Group are available to Job VIPeR users for recommendations and strategic plans.

Track Your Results

Job board effectiveness varies across industry and individual company. A job board that works for one, may not work for another. JobVIPeR allows you to track response using various methods - clicks (people who clicked on your job), applications (people who actually applied to your job), and beyond. TMP has a strong history of working with companies and their technology providers to deliver best-in-class recruitment advertising metrics.

What's New?

TMP continues to create new partnerships and include more websites to JobVIPeR. As the recruitment industry shifts, so does JobVIPeR. Recent partnerships also now allow the purchase of jobs on a pay-per-click basis with select sites.

Leverage TMP's Knowledge and Expertise

JobVIPeR is more than a job distribution tool. With TMP's support, any JobVIPeR user becomes a TMP client with our extensive strategic resources. Let TMP not only distribute your jobs but manage your strategy.

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