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February 15

Leveraging search engines has become an essential ingredient to recruiting strategies today. While keyword buys (pay-per-click purchases of keywords or phrases), targeted banner placement, and the use of search networks are key additions to an advertising strategy, an often overlooked tactic - especially for recruitment - is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a strategic process by which a website is continually enhanced through strong content, link strategies and site design recommendations to increase visibility on the search engines. Differing from actual keyword buys (where companies literally purchase top placement), SEO tackles the challenge of having your website appear in the organic (non-paid) Web results. This organic list is the most trusted source for Web surfers. When an Internet user enters a search phrase on one of the search engines, it's our job to make sure that our client's website is listed where searchers can find it.

SEO is more than a product - it is an ongoing strategy. TMP's team will start out by analyzing your site as it exists today in terms of search engine effectiveness. We will work with you on the keywords to target, and then look at the design and copy of your site to ensure that the content matches your desired strategy. From there, we will make recommendations and assist in the implementation of various tactics - from linking strategies to content management to site submission. TMP is uniquely qualified to combine the latest in search engine strategies with the solutions required for a successful recruitment site.

Deliverables Include:

  • Initial Consultation to determine areas of focus, goals and expectations
  • Site Analysis for content, architecture, and competitors
  • Preliminary Ranking Report detailing placement on the search engines for each keyword phrase
  • Strategic/Tactical Suggestions List to increase rankings (based on initial report findings)
  • Manual Search Engine Submissions to the search engines when applicable
  • Quarterly Ranking Reports
  • Ongoing recommendations

For more information about how Search Engine Optimization can help your recruitment needs, contact Kevin McCarthy at and visit Our Capabilities

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