TMP Moves 20 Tons for the Special Olympics

February 15

A big thanks to TMP's team: Rick Horten, Megan Conroy, John Bersentes, Kristin Beene, Jason Conroy, Dana Ratcliff, Drew Toth, Karen Reese, Lori Jackson, Aaron Hill, Tom Hight, Ryan Kennedy, Mark Pomeroy, Chris Jurchak, Dan Green, James Serwer, Leslie Burns, Owen Burns, Tina Kendrick, and Tommy Kendrick. Official Team Photographers and not pictured: Sarah Daniels and Lindsay Wozniak. Official cheerer and not pictured: Nicol Pomeroy.

On September 8, 20 people from TMP's Washington, D.C. office pulled a 20 ton (that's about 155,000 pounds) Boeing 727 12 feet in 8.93 seconds. The team got together to help raise $100,000 for the Virginia Special Olympics team as part of the annual Plane Pull at Dulles International Airport. About 70 teams competed - from firefighters to companies to soldiers to a team of Special Olympics athletes - to see who could pull the plane the fastest. TMP's squad finished 22nd out of 70 teams - not bad for our first time!

John Bersentes, Director of New Business - Government, shared his thoughts on participating in the event:

"Sure, working together as a team to pull for the Special Olympics represents our agency's ongoing commitment to serve the differently-abled - which after all is more than just an unrepresented group within today's workforce for many of our clients. But when you stop to think about it, People with Disabilities are the one protected class which any of us can join at any time. At the end of the day, a great time was had by all in support of a most worthwhile cause."

First place this year went to the Chesapeake County Sheriff's team, who finished in 6.25 seconds. What we lacked in speed, we made up for in enthusiasm. Art Director Tom Hight led our team in a cheer of, "Who are we? T-M-P!" that boomed throughout the landing field. Lindsay Wozniak said, "Based on loudness we should have won 'most enthusiastic' but DHL showed up in bee costumes. Wait to see what we have planned for next year!"

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