Effectively Manage and Advertise Your Recruiting Events Online

February 15

Event Calendar

Event Calendar's home page lists events and details in an organized format that is in-line with your current website design. The "Add Event" page allows you to update/edit your event information using a simple form.

You invest countless hours to create a successful recruiting event, but then find out you had 15 no-shows because they couldn't find the address. Sounds like you need an efficient and consistent way to share the event details with the right people.

TMP Worldwide's Event Calendar allows you to effectively manage and advertise your recruiting events online so that prospective employees can always get the details on your next event in real time.

A compelling and informative Event Calendar is a simple and cost-effective way to showcase your upcoming events to prospective candidates. This web-based administrative tool gives you the flexibility to make edits and additions in text or HTML. It can also work in conjunction with your existing website's design and functionality.

Flyers, ads, and posters are good, but online advertising always offers fewer restrictions than print. You should be maximizing event exposure by offering more information on your website's Event Calendar.

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