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February 15

TMP delivers robust ROI tools across our arsenal of products and services, helping you boost effectiveness across the board. We've recently augmented two of our top performers, Screen & Report and Job VIPeR, with ROI capabilities, giving you enhanced ability to track the effectiveness of all your placements - whether they're online or in print. Now you can respond and make sound business decisions based on objective results like never before.

Screen & Report compares each resume to the job description and criteria you set - then assigns a ranking that indicates how closely each resume matches the description you've created. You'll get more out of Screen & Report than exceptionally qualified candidates. You'll also have online access to daily reports that include statistics to help you evaluate the success of your job postings - online or print. Your daily reports will give you metrics on how many resumes each source brought in, which source brought in the best resumes, the cost per response, and the cost per quality response. With this information, you can build a better strategy to attract the right candidates for your organization.

Job VIPeR has always been your tool for increasing efficiency and saving money when you post a single job to multiple job sites. Now, Job VIPeR's new ROI capability lets you track applicants coming into your site, along with the pages the applicant views throughout their application process. You'll be able to keep better track of your responses - while deploying valuable recruiting dollars with greater precision.

When it comes to hiring the right candidates, your approach needs to be strategic. And TMP knows there's no better way to evaluate strategy than with quantifiable metrics that let you know exactly how your campaigns are doing - and exactly how much they're costing you.

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