Greta Sherman: Workshop Today, Webcast Tomorrow

February 15

Greta Sherman Webcast

More than 80 healthcare HR professionals from around the country attended SVP of Healthcare Strategic Planning Greta Sherman's "Build a Better Mousetrap" workshop at the NAHCR 2007 Conference.

Throughout the year, Greta Sherman, TMP's SVP of Healthcare Strategic Planning, regularly presents innovative ideas and solutions to healthcare recruitment and retention challenges at conferences, events, and seminars. And come next month, we can add webcasts to her list.

Last month, TMP participated in the National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR)'s annual conference in Denver, Colorado. We engaged with healthcare recruitment professionals at our booth and shared our expertise with them in Greta Sherman's "Build a Better Mousetrap" workshop. Over the course of a day and a half, Greta discussed recruitment methods to help attendees become more informed about metrics, training, ROI and more. Everyone left the workshop equipped with valuable ideas to sharpen their hospitals' hiring processes, and with a deeper understanding of using metrics to define and improve their processes as a whole.

Now, on September 13th, Greta invites you to register for a free educational webcast on to discuss what's on the front line in healthcare recruitment and what to expect in terms of the competition. She will offer in-depth research with "in-your-face" candidate generation and relationship marketing tactics for healthcare recruiting.

TMP later invited workshop attendees and their families to a night out at the ESPN Zone.

It's free- register today at!

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