Online Resume Mining (ORM)

February 15

Have you tried Online Resume Mining recently? If not, you are in for some exciting new features. With each Online Resume Mining (ORM) and Passive Candidate Mining (PCM)search, you will be given access to the ORM Dashboard. The Dashboard provides a clean view of resumes, all of which are in a single file format with new features not previously available. You may can provide individual ratings, add notes, and forward resumes to colleagues with great ease. In addition, you can also download an MS Excel spreadsheet with the candidates' data, including email addresses, so you can further your relationship marketing efforts.

ORM Dashboard

Do you already have access to the major job boards? If so, Passive Candidate Mining might be a great fit. With PCM, TMP will search outside of the resume job boards, searching for resumes, biographies and personal contacts that fit your position. By mining through search engines, networking communities, associations and databases built for locating passive candidates, PCM will provide you with a collection of candidates to contact.

In addition to PCM, TMP also offers an Annual ORM option. If you have an ongoing need for resumes for an opening, the Annual ORM can deliver a pipeline of resumes each week for an entire year. With this extended search, we will not only mine the popular and niche job boards, but also search the major "hot spots" multiple times over the length of the search. Choose one position or up to four weekly rotating positions to find the freshest resumes.

TMP has three other offerings: Express, Classic and Connect.


Need to gather resumes quickly and with ease? You'll connect with a TMP account representative to discuss the search criteria and candidate details, with resumes then delivered to you within one business day. The Express service concludes two business days later when any additional resumes are sent to you. We search the top resume databases, so you receive resumes of active job seekers quickly and can begin calling candidates immediately.


Just as with Express, you'll connect with a TMP account representative to discuss the search criteria, with resumes delivered to you within one business day. But in this case, our team of online recruitment specialists will search the top databases, niche and specialty sites, and the web using innovative tools and techniques to unearth active and passive job seekers. For another two weeks, you will continue to receive resumes matching your criteria. You'll have resumes in hand and be able to contact candidates about your available position.


Connect takes the search process further. Once we select the resumes that match your criteria, we contact each candidate. By calling and/or delivering a personalized email to each candidate, we ensure that you receive resumes of candidates who have confirmed interest in the position. Candidates are asked a series of questions that you have created, providing you with valuable information before you make the next move. Resumes, responses and ranking scores will be delivered to you once a week for three weeks.

To learn more about TMP Online Resume Mining Services contact your TMP representative or email

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