TMP Concludes Successful Network In World Job Fair on <em>Second Life</em><sup>&trade;</sup>

February 15

We are pleased to report positive results from the first full-service job fair held in the popular Second Life virtual world. Represented by personalized avatars, nearly 150 applicants interviewed and networked with recruiters for real-world jobs in fields such as financial services, engineering, culinary arts, information technology, and management at the six participating companies. Named Network in World (NiW), the May 15-17 event featured eBay, HP, Microsoft, Sodexho, T-Mobile and Verizon.

An interview takes place in Second Life at the TMP Network in World event.

"I applaud the companies that participated in this event," said Michelle Abbey, President and CEO of TMP Worldwide. "They should be regarded as pioneers in a new frontier of digital recruitment. The success of Network in World has instilled a high level of excitement and anticipation of the interesting things we can accomplish for our clients in the future with this technology platform."

"For a pilot run, this event was truly amazing," states Russell Miyaki, Vice President of Digital Strategy at TMP Worldwide. "The brilliance here is that we were able to create a legitimate face-to-face meeting between job applicant and recruiter and transform it into a fun experience that removed a lot of the anxieties typical of real-world interviews."

"A true testament to the power of the Network in World concept is the fact that nearly 750 people requested interviews, far exceeding our expectations and the capacity for this pilot," said Louis Vong, Vice President of Digital Strategy at TMP Worldwide. "It's clear there is a significant level of interest in truly innovative ways for recruiters and job seekers to interact."

Representatives from the six participating companies speak at a virtual press release in Second Life.

The participating companies agreed that it was important to continuously seek out new avenues to discover talent - and the NiW job fair enabled them to do that. Unlike the real world, job seekers were free to wear shorts and t-shirts, and were allowed to literally fly and teleport from meeting to meeting at participating companies' virtual office hubs. Some were even treated to virtual roller coaster rides and virtual sky diving.

Due to the success of the premier Network in World job fair, clients have already signed up for future events, the next of which will be held in early August. To find out more about how you can get involved with upcoming NiW events, send an email to or contact your TMP Worldwide representative.

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