Are Your Sourcing Strategies Really Working?

February 15

We are inviting you to register for an educational webcast presented by TMP Worldwide's eminent thought leaders, Courtney Hub and Todd Maycunich.

As TMP's VP of Digital Strategy, Courtney will discuss common metrics for sourcing strategies, drawing on her 10 years of digital experience. She will present with Todd Maycunich, Product Manager for TMP's Campaign Management tools.

By attending this webcast, you will gain knowledge of the best sourcing strategies and tools in today's recruitment marketplace. These concepts and tools will allow you to reassess the importance of hiring metrics and implement a more tactical approach to your recruitment process.

To register, click on the link below and register today!

June 19th Webcast- Are Your Sourcing Strategies Really Working? - HR Metrics for Success

Presented by: Courtney Hub and Todd Maycunich at 2:30 PM ET

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