From the Desktop of Lindsay Wozniak, Senior Vice President, Digital

February 15

As someone totally enamored of technology, I can't believe I'm saying this. For just a moment, I want you to forget about www, emails, PDAs, wireless and everything else you think represents what "digital" stands for today.

Instead, open up that old, dusty (cough, cough) dictionary hidden on your bookshelf and listen to what Webster has to say. The leading, numero uno definition of interactivity is "acting upon one another." And that doesn't necessarily mean one electronic device acting upon another electronic device. The context is much broader, and so is our belief in digital solutions at TMP.

We believe interactivity is about an all-encompassing approach that leverages activities between people, places and things, whether those activities are online or offline. It's the interactivity between employer-branded print advertising that leads to your own career discussion room. It's a conversation in a trade journal that moves to your website, and continues with online skills testing and applicant tracking. It's automated recruiting tools backed by personalized human service.

Okay, so digital means more than just being online. And digital HR communications means much more than a website, a couple of online banners and always thinking electronic. Technology isn't everything. But that doesn't mean I'm giving up my new cellular device with built-in web access, voice, video and its very own miniature keyboard. You can reach me there at 703-269-0095 or at (And no, I'm not related to Steve Wozniak, the Apple computer founder.)

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