TMP Hosts "Network In World;" First of it's Kind Job Fair on <em>Second Life</em><sup>&trade;</sup>

February 15

On May 15th, TMP opened the doors to the first official job fair to be held in a virtual world. Job-seekers and recruiters engaged in all the activities of a real-life job-fair-but in this instance, participants communicated via personalized avatars on 'TMP Island', TMP Worldwide's space within the popular Second Life virtual world.

TMP Island at the NiW job fair in Second Life.

Held from May 15th-17th, the event Network in World (NiW), features 'In World Interviews. Real world jobs'. Job-seekers are able to apply for financial services, engineering, information technology, sales and even executive management positions at the six participating companies: eBay, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft, Sodexho, T-Mobile and Verizon. TMP provided registered participants with training on how to interact inside Second Life. Job seekers will be sent via "telehubs" to a company's specific location on TMP Island where they met recruiters for interviews within virtual client offices and experience the company's culture.

"One of TMP's goals is to help our clients understand and implement new technologies and turn them into tools of engagement," stated Michelle Abbey, president and CEO of TMP Worldwide. "Network in World is an excellent example of how we do this."

"TMP is very excited about applying virtual world technology to talent recruitment," says Louis Vong, vice president of digital strategy at TMP Worldwide. "Network in World is a program that is sure to evolve, and it is a great way for job seekers and recruiters to interact in a unique, fun, and branded online environment. "It's well-suited for companies who are known for innovation."

Sodexho's virtual office at the TMP NiW job fair.

According to Russell Miyaki, Vice president of Digital Strategy at TMP Worldwide, corporations are constantly seeking new ways to attract quality talent.

"This event is for truly forward-thinking companies and individuals who want to take advantage of this new medium to accomplish business objectives - to show that they are really thinking outside the box," said Miyaki. "The participating companies did not only benefit that day, but they will also be more prepared for future events as the associated technologies become more mainstream."

To access the event's micro site visit TMP intends to host additional NiW events in Second Life in the future.

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