Tenet Wins Recruiting Excellence Award for TMP Program

February 15

On April 17, 2007, Tenet South Florida won the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for the Most Innovative Referral Program, a program that was developed by David Schubert, Director of Recruitment, for Tenet South Florida and TMP Worldwide late last year. This online employee referral program is not only award-winning, but has also proven successful in attracting high-quality healthcare candidates in the Miami metropolitan area for Tenet South Florida.

The program (which can be found at was developed for use by each of the Tenet South Florida network's 12 hospitals, and was customized to target their biggest needs. Since the launch of the referral site in November of 2006, the hiring cycle for referrals has been dramatically reduced due to a significant increase in referrals for hard-to-fill positions.

Online ERP microsite created by TMP Worldwide

The ERE Recruiting Excellence Awards allow companies to showcase successful recruiting programs that are really working exceptionally well for their organizations. The judges choose winners based upon a detailed application questionnaire in which companies report on how their program entry has succeeded in different areas. According to the ERE, "many of the past winners have met business needs and accomplished business goals, rather than just improving recruiting functions or recruiting departments."

TMP Worldwide and Tenet South Florida are particularly proud of this award, as the field of applicants typically submits innovative, successful initiatives that are backed by good data to demonstrate success. We are also honored, because we have great respect for the judging panel, which is comprised of true leaders in the staffing industry, including forward-thinking consultants, authors, speakers, corporate practitioners and past award winners.

TMP Worldwide is working with Tenet South Florida to continually keep the online referral program top-of-mind for employees, in order to garner the best possible long-term results.

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