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February 15

Considering the large number of ongoing hiring events that take place over the year, it can be difficult for an organization to coordinate and manage scheduling, budget and resources. Have you ever attended an event to find another department from your organization attending as well? Didn't have the correct equipment, enough collateral or too few people? Went over budget and didn't track the number of hires made? If any of these situations apply to you, a new approach is in store.

An online system which can provide your HR and recruiting team, whether centrally located or geographically diverse, a better way to plan their activities and manage resources will be a huge benefit. TMP's Event Tracker offers a central system to manage events, run reporting on budget and hiring trends, and allocate budgets, equipment and collateral used at events. Event Tracker can be accessed from any computer at any time in a password protected secure format.

Product Profile

The Event Tracker includes an Event Planner tool, a Discussion forum, Reporting feature and a Location tracker. As an option, you can incorporate an auto-post function that will in real-time post the event to your career website. Auto-post eliminates duplication and allows your recruiters and non Event Tracker users to see all upcoming events companywide.

Using the Event Planner tool, you can view your scheduled events, past, present and future. Within the Planner a new event can be entered into the system; picking a location, date, selecting the collateral and equipment that will be used, assigning a budget, incorporating a description and who will work that event.

The Discussion forum enables all users to discuss any event or topic that they feel should be communicated to Event-Tracker users. It is an open format discussion board that allows for comments, questions and responses to be viewed. This tool is a valuable resource in planning, as the successes and challenges of each event can be tracked.

Product Profile

Reporting is always crucial to gauge success of attended events. Reports on how well you hit your target budget, the cost per hire, and many other options can be reported on within the system for an easy download or record-keeping.

Lastly, wouldn't it be nice to see the venues you are frequently visiting in one central place? The Location tracker allows you to manage the locations you visit including keeping record of your primary contacts, directions and venue details.

Contact your TMP Representative for a demonstration of the Event Tracker system.

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