Let's talk jobcasting

February 15

So of course we're delighted to formally launch the TMP Worldwide Blog (check out for my page, and look for a graphical refresh in a couple of days), but let's face it: when folks like Northwest Airlines start to syndicate, you know the cutting edge is off the cutting edge. And podcasting isn't that much newer.

But have you ever thought about jobcasting?

Okay, so maybe I'm in love with the name, but think about it for a moment. We all know (or most of us do, at least), that employment branding 2.0 is on the way—that is, that there's going to be a next new thing in the hard-to-attract talent marketplace.

I think it's pretty obvious that it's going to focus on two things: candidate experience, and uniqueness of offering. I'll try to remember to say something about these in a different context soon, but today, I just want to think about a tactic.

Imagine you're a manager looking for a really, really hard-to-fill role in a competitive sector in a tight marketplace.

Let's say everybody knows everybody: your talent knows your competition, they know your organization, but they don't know you. (I'm sure you can think of several industries and job types here, but let's pretend it's high tech we're talking about.)

Finally, let's say someone in HR you happen to know tells you that when folks leave, it's almost always because they don't like their manager, not because they don't like their job.

Okay, so you want to reach folks and let them know you're not that kind of manager. What if you could put a podcast-call it a jobcast-out on a few select sites that only the really hard-core folks in your sector listen to?

You'd talk about the job, talk about the kind of person you're looking for-and most importantly, (with coaching and maybe scripting from HR) you'd talk about yourself, your team, your work environment, maybe your location, maybe even the view from the cubicle your prospect would sit in. Oh, and at the end, you'd put your recruiter's phone number.

What would happen? You'd attract the highest quality candidates. They'd listen out of curiosity, they'd compare the sound of your voice with their managers, and they'd think seriously about the picture you painted. And I guarantee you that each call your recruiter received would be from a seriously well-qualified prospect.

Jobcasting. You read it here first.

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