Northside Hospital Exceeds Goal of 100 Hires in 100 Days!

February 15

TMP Worldwide client Northside Hospital recently launched an ambitious "100 Hires in 100 Days" campaign. Northside, a healthcare delivery system in the Atlanta metropolitan area, launched an intense media blitz, hosted a series of open houses and enriched their employee referral bonus program to help accomplish their goal.

Just two-thirds of the way into their campaign, Northside has already had outstanding success with the events.

"Our recruitment efforts focused on a wide range of communication instruments that would bring awareness to our recruitment needs and the 100 day campaign. We were able to attract close to 700 applicants over a 3 month period to our job fairs and have hired 150 new staff with 120 of the new hires being Registered Nurses!"

Mark Rosenthal, Recruitment and HR Manager for Northside Hospital
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