Weekly DigiKnow: Bidding Adieu to the Click-Thru?

April 30

At TMP, we’ve long stood by the old adage, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” TMP Metrics has offered our agency and clients fantastic insight into the effectiveness of campaigns by offering conversions from both clicks and impressions. Often, the latter proves to be most effective.

New research from comScore and Pretarget supports these findings, suggesting that conversion is more highly correlated with ad viewability and hover than with clicks or gross impressions. In fact, clicks had the lowest correlation with conversion (0.01) of any metric analyzed. Hover/interaction was the highest with 0.49.

So what does this mean to employers? If you’re looking to gauge the effectiveness of a display ad campaign, relying on click-thru rates alone will not come close to telling the entire story. It’s imperative to implement tracking that will provide conversion data (applications and/or hires) on both clicks and impressions to truly understand where your best talent is coming from.

Sources: comScore, Pretarget

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