TMP Has a Monster Addy Win

February 15

The 2006 DC ADDY Awards Gala on Saturday, March 9, was a winning evening for TMP Worldwide when the company won a top prize for its redesign of the Monster Worldwide corporate website,

TMP took on the challenging redesign to ensure that the Monster site was aligned with best practices for the Web, and to improve its ability to convey information to the press and investors. By increasing the functionality of the content management system and strengthening the Monster brand through a colorful and lively design overhaul, site visitors would be able to identify Monster Worldwide as a strong, creative company. Monster's mascot, Trump, even makes surprise cameos throughout the site's pages as a reminder of the company's imaginative brand.

The DC ADDY Awards is an annual celebration hosted by the Advertising Club of Metropolitan Washington, which recognizes excellence within the local advertising community. The Ad Club is a premier local advertising organization that promotes integrity and excellence, recognizes industry leaders and work, and provides networking opportunities. Its membership includes industry clients, agencies, production companies and the media. The ADDY Awards is an annual event that recognizes the excellence of the local advertising community.

Learn more about Monster Worldwide, and view the award-winning site, at

Information about the Ad Club of DC is available at

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